Superintendent Mr R Wise
Complaints & Discipline Dept
Heddlu Gwent Police
Cwmbran NP44 2XJ

Dear Mr Wise

I would like you to make a formal complaint about the conduct of Pc 126 C. Herdman in relation to an allegation of speeding that he brought against me on the 3rd June 2001.

Pc Herdman had a fully operational ProVida system, including the video recording apparatus, installed in his patrol vehicle at the time he stopped me. It was also confirmed in court that your Constabularies? procedures state that the video must be recording whenever the vehicle is being driven. However, in my case there is no traffic video.

  • The officers' flagrant disregard for your procedures deprived me of my right to evidence that I had needed to prepare my defence.

The traffic video would have provided irrefutable evidence of the actual speed of my vehicle without the need to resort to Pc Herdman's "estimate" made whilst I was > a mile in front, around a bend. Fortunately, the magistrates accepted that I had been travelling at between 70 and 85, considerably below Pc Herdman's estimate, and this controversy would not exist if your regulations and policies had been followed.

  • Pc Herdman was also highly selective in his statement and rather than write what I actually said, he wrote, "He made no reply".

I have always had empathy with the police, as I believe you do a particularly difficult job, however this type of Maverick behaviour can only serve to drive a wedge between the public and yourselves.

I look forward to your assistance in this matter.

Yours Faithfully

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