Copy to Superintendent Wise

Dear Inspector Llewellyn,

With reference to your letter dated 20th December 2001.

In your letter you refer to the vehicle not being on patrol, as it was returning from an exercise and had no unused videotape available. I would like to draw your attention to this section of PC Herdman?s sworn statement:

"At 2.20Pm on Sunday 3rd of June 2001 I was on motorway patrol duty in a marked Volvo estate patrol car. At this time I was travelling South on the A4042 Dual Carriageway Pontypool. Approaching the Skew fields roundabout."

Under the provisions of the 1980 Magistrates Courts Act the officer's statement forms the "Statement of Facts" and you will also note that there is no reference to the lack of videotape, or any other explanation as to why the Provida system was not being used.

As there is a discrepancy between the two accounts of the officer's duties at the time I should be grateful if you would provide me with documentary evidence to support your assertion that PC Herdman was in fact "returning from an exercise". Please would you arrange for this evidence to be countersigned by Chief Inspector Fouweather.

I would also be grateful if you could provide me with an explanation as to why such an experienced and highly trained officer did not use the Provida time and distance speed measurement apparatus?

Thank you for you assistance in this matter and I look forward to your reply.

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