Case File 8: Police Officer's Statement

This is a transcript of the Police Officer's Statement. You can also read the original hand-written document if you wish: Page 1 | 2 | 3 .   The relevance of the text emphasis is explained at the bottom of this page.

Note: the emphasis in the text is ours.

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P.C 126 Christopher Herdman.

Date 14th June 2001

I am police constable 126 of the Gwent constabulary. I am stationed at the Traffic section & operational support Department at police headquarters Cwmbran Gwent.

At 2.20pm on Sunday 3rd of June 2001 I was on motor patrol duty in a marked Volvo Estate Patrol car. At this time I was travelling south on the A4042 Dual Carriageway Pontypool. Approaching the Skew fields roundabout.

Travelling around the roundabout from my right I saw a motorcycle, which exited on to the A4042 and travelled south towards the New Inn roundabout.

This motorcycle accelerated at speeds I estimated to be well in excess of the 70 mph speed limit on this dual carriageway.

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I accelerated after this motorcycle and on reaching the straight section by Panteg hospital looked at my patrol car speedometer and saw that I was travelling at 100 mph.

I looked at the motorcycle and saw that it was accelerating away from me, obviously at a speed in excess of 100 mph.

I followed this motorcycle around the New Inn roundabout onto the A4051 towards Cwmbran where I caused it to stop.

I noted it to be a Suzuki TL 1000s model, Index ********.

I then spoke to the rider Mr O'B.

I pointed out my observations and the offence to him and said - "You will be reported for consideration of the question of prosecuting you for this offence".

He made no reply.

The weather at the time was fine and dry, traffic flow light and visibility good.

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The patrol car speedometer was immediately checked against a calibrated PROVIDA system and found to be in order.

Driving documents were in order.

Signed: C Herdman PC126.

This will help you to understand the text emphasis that we've added to the police officer's witness statement in this case.

  • According to Chief Inspector Peter Fouweather, who is in charge of Gwent Constabulary's Traffic Department, their traffic procedures state that if the ProVida video recording equipment is installed in the patrol car and the Traffic Officer is qualified to use the equipment then it must be recording whenever the vehicle is being driven. So take a look at the replies to the rider's letters of complaint, as we think that they will amaze you.

  • The officer's statement confirms that the "patrol car's speedometer" records the speed of the patrol car and not that of the target vehicle, but take a look at the same officer's statement in "Our Case".

  • Unlike the caution, the verbal NIP does not request a reply and once again please refer to the rider's letters of complaint regarding this officer's conduct and also what happened in this case.

  • The officer confirms that he has a ProVida system in his patrol car so why did such an experienced and highly trained officer decide not to use this very accurate piece of equipment - could these links help to explain why?

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