1st April 2001

Mr Ian Griffiths,
Prosecution Team Leader,
C.P.S. Gwent area,
Chartis Tower,
Upper Dock Street,

Dear Mr Griffiths,

Further to you letter of the 2nd March I am afraid that I find your response unacceptable and would be grateful if you would advise me of the procedure for escalating complaints against the CPS. I will not be satisfied until I have received unambiguous answers to ALL of the following points:

  • Who provided the "independent expert advice" to Mr Candler that enabled him to contend that the traffic video has "accurately recorded the speed of my vehicle"? ACPO and the equipment manufacturers say that it has NOT.
  • Why were the known inaccuracies in PC Herdman's written statement not discussed at the pre trial review held on the 24th November 2000?
  • Why was the evidence recorded on the traffic video not discussed at the pre trial review?
  • Why did I have to wait until the trial to hear the prosecution's only witness talk of "typing errors" and other inaccuracies when I had pointed them out to the CPS in advance without reply?
  • Why was the response to my skeleton argument, promised within seven days by your staff at the pre trial review, handed to me when I arrived at court for my trial?
  • I was able to find independent experts who have explained what is recorded on the traffic video with respect to PC Herdman's written evidence, so why were the CPS in Gwent unable to do the same?
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