21st October 2000

Siobhan Blake
Team 5,
C.P.S. Gwent area,
Chartis Tower,
Upper Dock Street,

Case No: 3324563

Dear Siobhan,

After our telephone conversation on the 17th October I have been expecting a response to my letter of the 5th October. The letter outlined the points of law and Human Rights that I would like considered at the pre trial hearing that is scheduled to take place at 14:00 on the 26th October at Gwent Magistrates' Court.

All I request is that I have received a response to all the points raised in my letter of the 5th October no later than seven working days prior to any pre trial hearing date so that we can prepare for the hearing.

Please would you also confirm in writing that the C.P.S in Gwent always choose the peak speed of the patrol car when prosecuting motorists for speeding?

I will be writing to Gwent Magistrates' Court asking for yet another adjournment of the hearing and explaining that this is because of a lack of the promised response from the C.P.S.

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