Case File 2

Mr. B., Gwent

Evidence that even Gwent Constabulary can learn from PePiPoo and change their ways!  A case where they have:-

  • Issued a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN)

  • Given a verbal caution

  • Used the ProVida speed measurement functions

But do they still record all this on video?  NO! We told you the law doesn't mention even switching a video recorder on! Mr B. got a barely legible photocopy of a page from an officer's note book and a calibration certificate for the equipment! This is Mr. B.'s demand for the video:

20th May 2001

PC 280
Traffic Department,
Heddlu Gwent Police,
Police HQ,
NP44 2XJ

Your Ref: Fixed Penalty Notice

Dear Sir,

I am writing with regard to the above Fixed Penalty Notice issued to me on 15th May 2001.

Whilst I have returned the notice pleading guilty to the offence I would like to seek disclosure of the evidence.

I intend to have the accuracy of the evidence verified by independent experts who will be able to help me decide if there are ground for an appeal.

I have read the details of a very disturbing case relating to another citizen who was stopped for speeding by Gwent Constabulary. The details of that case are published at:

Yours sincerely,

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