25th October 2000

Jane Pope,
Listings Department,
The Clerk to the Justices,
Magistrates' Court,
Newport NP20 5XQ.

Case Number: 3324563

Dear Jane,

Further to our telephone conversation today I confirm your agreement that the pre trial review scheduled for tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. is to be adjourned until after I have received a response to the letter that I wrote to the C.P.S. on the 5th October. It would be very helpful if you could offer a couple of alternative dates owing to my business commitments.

The letter to the C.P.S. outlined the points of traffic law and human rights that I would like considered in my case and was addressed to Siobhan Blake at the C.P.S. As you agreed it is reasonable that we should get a response no later than seven working days prior to the hearing date.

As this matter is taking far longer to reach a conclusion than I initially thought, it is starting to have a serious impact on my business activities so I would be grateful if you would ask the C.P.S. to respond as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

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