Gwent Police


  Pursuit driver

PC126 Herdman

  ProVida operator

PC287 Lane

  The Victims


  Principal target

Mike Morgan

  Supporting cast

Numerous other unidentified civilian
drivers going about their lawful
business on the M4 Motorway



  Legal advisor and
  Gwent Police liaison

Huw Williams of
Watkins & Gunn (Solicitors),
Glantorfaen House, Hanbury Road,
Pontypool, NP4 6XY


Doctor BTS

  Post Production

Fred "Errol" Case

  ProVida system advice

Petards Mobile Intelligence
(suppliers of the JAI ProVida system)



The Producers would like to thank Mr S. Adshead,
a Principal Clerk to Gwent Magistrates' Court,
who provided the inspiration for this work.


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