Rover 620ti

Rover 620tiAlthough the 620ti never found a lot of favour with the British motoring press it is a very fine car, and it's not Rover's fault that they are British! The "in-gear performance", particularly in second and third, is difficult to match. The engine is at maximum torque at 2,200 rpm and has a very flat torque curve from then on. This makes it very quick to reach any two figure speed. We have never tried it over that - honestly!

The limited slip differential ensures that in twisty lanes the car doesn't under steer and, rather unusually for a front wheel drive car, it will over steer when really "provoked" - the directional tyres and relatively light back end help to ensure this. It's a far more stable car than, say, the Volvo T5.

Original photograph - courtesy of Picturesn'frames - the UK's premier online picture collection.

Vital statistics of the Rover 620ti

Engine 200 bhp 16 valve turbo with intercooler
Transmission 5-speed manual with limited slip differential
Tyres 205 55 R16 P7000 directional - non standard but a far better tyre than the P6000
Insurance Group 17
Performance Braking:  
  70 - 0 mph 48.7 m / 163.1 ft
  30 - 50 mph in 3rd 4.2 secs
  30 - 50 mph in 4th 5.7 secs
  50 - 70 mph in 5th 8.5 secs
  30 - 70 mph through gears 6.7 secs
  50 - 70 mph in 5th 8.5 secs
  0 - 62 mph 7.2 secs
  Top speed 145 mph

Information source Top Gear Magazine February 1997 - Issue 41

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