Case File 12

Bruce Cousins, London

Mr Cousins was successfully prosecuted for speeding by the Metropolitan Police. However, the conviction was quashed because the police were unable to prove that the speed that they had recorded was the speed of his vehicle.

  • The officers were using a LTi 20/20 Speedscope which is the most commonly used laser gun in the UK and if you would like more information about this piece of equipment then please follow this link.

  • The posted limit was 30 mph and Mr Cousins was accused of travelling at 59 mph on Shirley Road in South London on the 3rd August 1999.

  • The Metropolitan Police Fixed Penalty Notice number is GFN 3338C.

  • As Mr Cousin's conviction was overturned at appeal by Judge Joseph at Croydon Crown Court on 3rd November 2000. The case number is A2000105 and the court code was 418.

  • The LTi 20/20 Speedscope, was not equipped with the video recording attachment that records what happens on a traffic video.

As the conviction was quashed it would appear to have set a precedent so, if you know anyone who has been convicted of a speeding offence under similar circumstances, their conviction may also have been unsafe and they may wish to appeal against the conviction.

Note by Bruce Cousins

I give permission for my case to be published on your website. Also, if you need me for a personal appearance I am available. The judgement was that at the scene a witness was present who could prove that the police had preset the LTi 20/20, and the police would not allow this witness into court, by doing this, they lost the case.

The speed recorded was 59 mph. In your file, it clearly shows on the traffic report every motorist that night was stopped between 52 and 59 mph. This traffic report was incorrect and was proved so in court. The witness who was stopped with me was also stopped at 59 mph. To this day they will not give me the witness' name and address.

Cyfiawnder yn gorfoleddu dros gormes

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