Case File 7

Mr. M., Northampton

This offence was recorded by one of the new truvelo cameras that are being introduced in some parts of the country.

The key points of interest are:

  • If you look at the picture taken by the camera you will see that it is possible to identify the driver - we have deliberately edited this area of the picture.

  • The posted limit was 30 mph and Mr M. was travelling at just 38 mph.

  • There is no flash with these cameras, so the first time that Mr M. was aware of the offence was when the NIP arrived!

  • Mr M. points out that, had a motor cycle activated the camera, they would not have been able to identify either the rider (as they would have been wearing a helmet) or the motorcycle because there is no legal requirement for them to have a front number plate. In Mr M.'s opinion this is another example of "how the car driver is being unfairly singled out for prosecution".

    Truvelo image of car

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