Speed Cameras

Picture of Gatso speed cameraThis page has the answers to your most commonly asked questions regarding speed cameras and you will find additional information in our Fightback discussion forum.

  • I've received a ticket from a speed camera; how can I find out the legal position?

The following links to our Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP page) and Section 172 pages may help you to understand the legal position at this stage.

  • The speed camera that flashed me was hidden from view; does this mean that I can't be prosecuted?

The 'guidelines that cover the marking of speed cameras are procedural, so they aren't mentioned in the law - this link has more details.

  • Is the use of speed camera detectors legal?

Yes - Currently, the use of speed camera detectors is legal; this link has more information.
However, forthcoming Government legislation could mean that the use of such devices will become unlawful - this link has more details.

  • Are there speed cameras that take a pictures of the oncoming traffic?

Yes - We've included a case recorded by one of the new "no flash" truvelo cameras that you may find of interest.

  • I was caught by a mobile Safety Camera Van.

Most Mobile "Safety Camera" vans aren't really speed cameras at all, and the following link has information, on the most commonly used speed-measuring device - the LTi 20-20.

  • Are all speed cameras the same?

There are many different types of speed camera, and our links page has more details.

  • Are all speed cameras accurate?

This recent BBC 'Inside Out' documentary questions the reliability of mobile speed cameras, and research from Germany casts doubt on the accuracy of the evidence provided by some speed cameras  - take a look.
This link may help you to check the accuracy of the evidence in your case.

  • Am I entitled to the evidence from the speed camera?

Any evidence that is being used by the prosecution must be made available to the defence before any trial can take place. However, the police don't like handing the evidence out so you may experience difficulty obtaining it - our Disclosure page will help you. In this recent case, the Crown dropped the case rather than disclose the traffic video.

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