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Roadweb is a loose association of UK internet sites promoting motorists' rights and supporting car and road use in the UK. You'll find links to member sites on this page. Membership is open to high quality UK internet sites sharing our theme and broad aims.
UK Speed Traps has the benefit of having input and comment from serving police officers. It also features an essentially complete copy of the ACPO traffic enforcement guidelines. asks whether: "Speed cameras are not intended to improve road safety, otherwise they wouldn't be hidden behind trees, bushes, and road signs?" Take a look and decide for yourself.
The Association of British Drivers' aim is to provide an active, responsible voice to lobby for the beleaguered British car driver.
This web site argues for policies that promote wider use of safe speeds without the present excessive emphasis on speed limits. We can demonstrate that the current obsession with speed limit enforcement is not producing good road safety results, and causes many moral injustices.
Liberty is one of the UK's leading human rights and civil liberties organisations. It was founded as the National Council for Civil Liberties in 1934 and has campaigned for equal rights for over 70 years.
The Road Supervisors' Network is particularly concerned with one major contributor to road accidents, and that is drivers' Attitudes and their subsequent Behaviour. With over 90% of all accidents being due to 'Driver Error', there is plenty of scope for improvement.
The Speed Trap Bible has a comprehensive collection of information on speed measurement devices and techniques.
A must-visit site maintained by Peter Edwardson. There's lots of interest to drivers all round the country including many informative articles. This site was previously known as "Transport and Driving in the Northwest".
Excellent, comprehensive site covering many items of interest for car enthusiasts and drivers.
This site is based in the West Midlands. There are more speed cameras here than in the rest of the country (probably). Speed Cameras - are they to improve road safety, or are they revenue earners?
UK Speed Cameras is another site that records the location of speed cameras.
France speed cameras provides you not only with up to date information on the exact location of all automatic speed cameras in France, it also gives a wealth of info on what UK motorists should do and know when driving in France.
Today there are many pieces of technology to help the driver to drive safely while still making fair progress. This website will help to explain these products, the technology involved and some of the history of development.
This site is dedicated to company car drivers. It includes a CO2 tax calculator and other information that you may find useful when choosing your next company car.
Our aim is to list all of the UK’s 4,300+ speed cameras in a comprehensive directory, through its visitors and members submitting known locations of UK Speed Cameras.
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