Commercial Links

Here are some links to commercial organisations offering services and products that you may find of interest. These include legal services, radar and speed camera detectors, and software.

These organisations are completely independent of PePiPoo and if you use their services you must rely on your own enquiries. We strongly recommend that you ensure that buying or using any products these organisations offer is lawful in your particular jurisdiction.

Legal Services

The Expert Witness Institute (EWI) was launched in November 1996 to service and support experts. It acts as a voice for the expert witness community, supporting experts from all professional disciplines and lawyers who use the services of experts.
Most solicitors are not specialised in motoring law, so you need to find a solicitor and/or barrister that is focused upon motoring law. The Speed Trap Bible has only found one so far and, according to them they do an excellent job.
If you don't know your SP30 from your DR60, or if you've been injured in a car, or any other type of accident and think you have a compensation case, you need look no further than CarLaw for information. CarLaw is a new addition to the CarNet group of motoring websites.
Concentrating their efforts on providing some information about some of the more common Road Traffic Offences that can see any one of us brought into the frightening environment of the law and the Courts.
We Defend the Motorist Nationwide!
Remember, if any potential prosecution is to be defended successfully, the sooner work begins on your defence the better. Do not be tempted to forget about it and hope it will go away, It Won't!

Test Equipment

SMJ Technology sell high quality pre-owned electronic test equipment, at very competitive prices, resulting in substantial savings compared with buying new. We source the test equipment we offer worldwide, freeing the capital tied up in equipment that has become surplus to requirements at very fair prices. You can search our online test equipment catalogue by equipment type, manufacturer, model, and even installed options. The catalogue is updated in real time, so you can be confident that it's always current.

Radar and Speed Camera Detectors

The official Speed Camera Database.
Ours was the first comprehensive SatNav Speed camera Database of its kind from the World's No1 GPS Website. Used by AtoZ, Collins, Philips, British Gas, CoPilot, O2, NavNGo, Navmii, InfoRad and many more. 30+ devices supported, 40+ countries covered. Unlimited downloads for an annual subscription fee. Lifetime Subscriber offer for qualifying camera reports.
No one condones excessive speeding. But on today's roads, when driving a modern car, it easy to unintentionally exceed a speed limit, particularly when you are thinking of your next appointment. However help is at hand... All our units now detect Gatso Speed Cameras, Radar Guns, Stationary Radar traps and Laser Guns.
With the amount of speed-traps set to triple, if you don't buy one of our Radar Detectors you could end up with a set of skates!
The Origin b2 is a unique and state-of-the-art Driver Safety and Information System using GPS satellite technology. With a host of unique features, the Origin b2 is the only unit on the market to warn drivers of:
  • approaching safety cameras
  • mobile/hand-held laser speed cameras
  • accident blackspots
  • schools
  • congestion charging zones
The Geodesy is a revolution in speed-trap location, relying on GPS technology to pinpoint the static speed-traps rather than a Radar signal.


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