Case File 14

Mr. P., London

Mr P. received a Court Summons dated the 6th February 2003 to appear before the Magistrates' Court at Marylebone Road on the 6th March 2003. He was accused of an offence under Section 172 of the Road Traffic Act, by failing to give information as to the identity of the driver.

In court the prosecution alleged that a NIP and a NIP reminder were sent by the Metropolitan Police and that he had failed to reply. Mr P. argued that he had never received any of them, and that as he lives at Warwick Grove and the summons was addressed to Warwick Road, it may very well be that it went to the wrong address. On Warwick Grove there is a Warwick Court and a Warwick House, and numerous times in the past he had received post addressed to Warwick Court and Warwick House at his address and vice versa. The court did not accept this and he was convicted under Section 172 for failing to provide the name of the driver and received three penalty points and a fine.

Mr P. instructed a professional road traffic lawyer to appeal against the conviction, and on the 8th May 2003 at Blackfriars Crown Court the Judge quashed the conviction and awarded him £250 in costs. His lawyer argued that the NIP, and the NIP reminder, were addressed to Warwick GR, and that 'GR' was not a common abbreviation for Grove. This argument was accepted by the Judge.

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